Inspiring Couple Plans to Save Php1 Million in Coins, Gets Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to save money, especially something as big as Php1 million ($19,800) but one couple knew just what to do to achieve their goals: start with one step at a time using coins.

Coins, you say? Well, it would surely take them much longer to reach the Php1-million goal as they save using coins but they might have found the perfect life hack for saving. After all, saving coins is not as difficult to do as saving paper money.

Photo credit: Yona Abella / Facebook

It would be much easier to let go of all the coins in your pocket than the paper bills, right?

Yona Abella shared that she and her partner, Kit Cunanan, have decided to put all the coins they have that day into savings containers, with the goal of reaching Php1 million. While many scoffed at the idea, calling it foolhardy and telling the two they could never reach Php1 million using coins, they are determined to prove their bashers wrong.

Photo credit: Yona Abella / Facebook


Tandaan natin na kahit maliit na halaga ay napaka laki na, dahil walang taong makakabuo ng isang million kung wala ang barya. Ang challenge namin ay kada pag uwe sa bahay ay maghuhulog sa alakansya lahat ng barya na meron kami ( as in lahat ng amount ng barya).

Well di man ito gaano kalaki atleast we save para mabili namin ang gusto namin na gamit. Lahat tayo pwedeng gawin ito, try niyo na😊😊.

Hanap din kayo ng Ipon Buddy niyo 😊. Para di nadin tayo hingi ng hingi sa parents natin kapag may mga need tayong bilhin. Mag ipon habang bata pa.

Aside from bashers who believe the two couldn’t reach Php1 million with coins, many also said they could go in jail for what they are doing as hoarding of money, especially coins, is against the law in the Philippines. Oooops.

Photo credit: Yona Abella / Facebook

It’s just sad that these two are getting a lot of flak for what they are doing, instead of people being happy that two young ones are determined to save their money instead of living a spoiled, happy-go-luck lifestyle.

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