Cory Quirino Remains Confident with Filipinas Winning International Beauty Crowns

Even before beauty queen Beatrice Andrada won as Miss Pacific World 2017, Karen Ibasco as Miss Earth 2017, and Winwyn Marquez as Miss Reina Hispanoamericana 2017, Beauty and Wellness guru Cory Quirino believes our candidates have a big chance in winning beauty titles on the pageants which they chose to join.

“I’m sure naman all the Filipinas have a very strong chance to win an international crown—all.”

“‘Yan ang sinabi ng mga iba’t ibang licensed holders sa buong mundo.”

“Licensed holders ng Miss World nung pagka mayroon kaming meeting every year, ang tanong nila, ‘What is it about the Philippines that you keep winning the crowns? You keep placing and winning.'”

“I said, ‘You know, Filipinas are born beautiful, so get used to it. We will keep on winning crowns.'”

Photo: coryquirino/Instagram

As a former Miss World license holder and pageant organizer, Quirino gave an advice to all beauty queen aspirants.

“Para sa lahat ng lalaban [at] aspring international beauty queens, it’s one thing to win the national crown here in the Philippines, iba ang labanan sa international pageant.”

“Kailangan ipakita talaga ang gilas mo, kailangang ipakita mo rin ang puso mo.”

“When you walk on the stage, you’re not just walking, holding the Philippine flag, waving the Philippine flag on stage, but you have to show the world that you are very sincere about it.”

“You have to be authentic so that the judges will see that you are not rehearsed, memorized, scripted, de kahon or whatever.”

“You really have to show your originality and your authenticity.

Photo: coryquirino/Instagram

In an interview with PEP, Quirino shared that she now enjoys having more time for her advocacies and other things that she wanted to do as she is no longer a franchisee of Miss World Philippines.

“I’m happy actually, I can spend most of my time now focusing on my advocacies and things the I have always wanted to do.”

“[I’m] writing my new book, starting my wellness blog—ang dami pang mga proyekto that were placed on hold because of Miss World.”

“I gave most of my time and energy [there]. Talagang kinain niya ang oras ko saka yung energy ko.”

“Sabi ko, hindi ako magbibitiw ng pageant, ng license, hangga’t di manalo ang Pilipinas sa Miss World.”

“Nanalo tayo kay Megan [Young], napaaga ang aking hamon sa sarili.”

“After we won, sabi ko, baka puwede na. I can turn it over to somebody else.”

Photo: coryquirino/Instagram

However, she said she believes she had done enough in building the brand and was able to deliver the crown of Ms. World which everyone thought was impossible.

“I think we made all the Filipino pageant fans so happy.”

“I kept my promises, I worked so hard with my team and, of course, we were blessed, because Megan joined us.”

“So, yun, everything fell into place in 2013.”

In 2013, Megan Young won the first Miss World Title of the Philippines. Since then, Quirino had ended her ties with Miss World Philippines. But then, Quirino claims she still has communication with the past winners of the said beauty pageant.

The new license holder of Ms. World Philippines is Arnold Vegafria who is a talent manager. But she claims she still supports them in spirit.

Quirino also shared that in her 6 years of experience, she finds it hard for an individual who doesn’t have a big company or agency to look after a pageant for it involves a big financial requirement. In fact, she added that most of the licenses of the pageants all over the world are owned by a network or a very big entertainment company.

Quirino believes that a formidable company should be the one to hold an international license in order to sustain its strength and longevity.

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