College Student Saves at Least Php9,000 by Not Spending Her 50-Peso Bills

We all have different ways in saving up for different uses. Some are saving for their future expenses, some are saving for their dream car, house or vacation. But how can you save considering that you have a limited amount of daily allowance or you have more expenses?

A computer engineering student in Mariano Marcos State University proved that you can save even if you have a budgeted daily allowance.

Photo: Naphia Mae Arenzana via Facebook

Naphia Mae Arenzana managed to save at least Php9,000 in the span of 6 to 7 months by saving only 50 pesos bill every day. She extended the challenge until August and plans to spoil herself by traveling to La Union with her friend.

Photo: Naphia Mae Arenzana via Facebook

On her post dated July 21, she was just inspired by the ’50 pesos gaming’ that she saw on Facebook.

According to Kami, all of these money came from her allowance, whenever she has Php50, she will immediately save it. If ever, she has some lose change, she’ll make sure she’ll come up with a targeted amount and change it to a 50-peso bill and save it.

She also has a part-time business by selling pre-loved clothes and shoes online.

Photo: Naphia Mae Arenzana via Facebook

She also tried saving up Php20 daily but the amount was just half of what Php50 can do.

You must have dedication and discipline to save enough money because it will be worth it in the end. She advised that the jar that you would put the money in couldn’t be easily opened in case you’re tempted; you may also cover the glass so you cannot see the contents.

She also gave some ‘tipid’ tips to save more: avoid eating fast food, you may eat in affordable places like turo-turo.

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