Carmina Villaroel Meets BB Gandanghari, Greets Her Just Like Old Friend

Carmina Villaroel’s marriage with Rustom Padilla in 1994 was an open book to the public. They ended their relationship in 1996 and their marriage has been annulled in 2002.

In 2006, Rustom Padilla admitted on national television that he is a gay while he was a housemate of ABS-CBN’s “Pinoy Big Brother”, a reality show. Rustom Padilla then changed his name to BB Gandanghari and since then he was acknowledged as a transgender.

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In a recent news reported by, Carmina was then asked about her reaction regarding the news that BB is now considered legally as a woman. Carmina said whatever will make BB happy, she’ll go with her.

“Alam niyo sa akin, kung saan siya maligaya, dun na ko. Whatever makes him happy, go. Wala naman siyang inaapakang tao so kung saan siya maligaya.”

She also shared that they’ve met in a gym in Rockwell where they both go for their workouts before BB left the country. The actress that time was with husband, Zoren Legaspi, and their twins.

Thank you and coach Jun for training us today. We made it. Yahoo! @ultimatefitnessmetrowalk

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According to Carmina, they greeted each other just like old friends. She added that it was Zoren and BB who actually had a long “chit-chat”. When asked how she addressed BB, Carmina said, she called her “BB”.

Twinning again with Tatay. Oh my! We are so meant to be. ❤️😍

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Meanwhile, Carmina is now back as a Kapuso star of GMA 7. Their family had recently been guested on the show “Road Trip”, followed by a special appearance on “Super Ma’am”, and recently, on the new TV series “Kambal Karibal” where she played the role of the mother of twins, Bianca Umali and Pauline Mendoza.

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