Bettina Carlos Resigns from Work to Prioritize Role as Single Mom

Bettina Carlos has been solely raising her kid and she admits it’s not easy being a mother and a father rolled into one. That’s why she considers her exit from the longtime weekly show “Idol sa Kusina” as a blessing in disguise so she can prioritize being a mother to her only child.

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In an interview, Bettina shared that she now has more time for her 6-year-old daughter, Amanda, whom she fondly calls “Gummy”, after resigning from her work.  She then suddenly realized that Amanda had grown up really fast while she was busy with her career.  However, she said she’s grateful that this time, she can spend more time with her which she thinks is not yet too late.

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“Ngayon ko nare-realize na, ‘Shucks, seven na siya next year. What happened, anak? Nagtrabaho lang ako, ano na nangyari?”

“Sometimes, mayroon akong feelings na parang ang laki na ng anak ko.”

“But I’m so grateful na it happened at this time na I know it’s not yet too late.”

“Kasi, kahit na lumalaki na siya, bata pa siya. I know that I can spend time with her, and I can really spend the time when she still wants me to be her friend.

The 26-year-old celebrity also gave an advice to single moms like her to focus on their role.  She emphasized that while being busy in becoming a good provider to their children, they should not forget that their main role is in being a mother.  That is, to take care of their child and to raise them well.

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“You’re a mom, so your focus must be taking care of your child and raising your child. 

“I know it’s hard that, ‘Ah, I also need to be the provider, I also need to be the father.

“But this doesn’t mean all single women should resign from their work.

Bettina also reminds parents to always pray and trust the Lord so they can discern how to manage their time well.

“I pray that I’ll be able to discern how to manage my time well.

“It’s really challenging but, you know, there’s really nothing impossible with the Lord.

“You just really have to pray, ‘Lord, how do I do this? How do I go about it?

“Ang importante, yung anak mo talaga,” she concluded.

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