Beauty Gonzales Feels Happy for Close Friends Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz, Willing to Attend Their Wedding, Wherever, Whenever

Beauty Gonzales claims she is happy for her friends Ellen Adarna and John Lloyd Cruz for taking a break from showbiz career amidst their busy schedule to spend happy moments together. She says it’s about time that they do what makes them happy and is even willing to attend their wedding should they decide to, wherever it may be.

Photo: PEP News

In an interview with PEP, Ellen and John Lloyd Cruz’s close friend Beauty Gonzales shared her thoughts about the couple’s decision of taking a break from showbiz.

She said, as celebrities, because of their hectic schedule and commitments, they almost forgot about themselves, to smile, and appreciate the little things around them so it’s just right that once in while they get to enjoy simple pleasures and treat themselves just like traveling to places.

Beauty added that she feels happy that Ellen and John Lloyd finally get to do things together that makes them happy because she sees that the two really love each other.

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Speculations are spreading on social media that the couple might get married anytime soon. When asked, Beauty said there’s nothing wrong for as long as they feel doing it.

“Why not? If they feel like it. Imbitahin naman nila ako, di ba?”

“I’ll be there whenever, wherever.”

“Sabi ko sa kanila, gawin n’yo na lang weekend, kahit isang araw, pupuntahan ko kayo.”

Photo: PEP News

She claims the two are her good friends and very close to her family because both of them are her child’s godparents.

Beauty concluded that it’s her dream to see Ellen getting married just like any other woman would wish for and be able to settle down.

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PEP News

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