Baron Geisler Expresses Anger Towards Nadia Montenegro After Failing to Return Dealt Car

Baron Geisler expressed his anger towards actress Nadia Montenegro on social media. Baron claimed he sought the help of Nadia in selling his car a few months ago but then the actress was no longer communicating with him.

Photo: barongeisler/Instagram

According to Baron, his car has been with Nadia for 5 months already. He said he badly needed money to pay a certain airline Php50,000 as his penalty after being caught smoking in its lavatory last December 2016.

Baron made a deal with Nadia that she will help him sell his Toyota Camry so he can pay PAL Express before December 5. Should he failed to pay the penalty, Baron will be put in jail.

Photo: officialnadiam/Instagram

In an interview with PEP on Saturday afternoon, Baron expressed his anger towards Nadia because she was not paying attention to his request. Baron said she is only making his life miserable.

“G*g* siya. Pinapahirapan niya buhay ko. Pinapahirapan niya ang buhay ko.”

Baron shared Nadia had blocked him on Facebook a month ago and he felt like she had no intentions of settling the issue with him anymore. Since then, she had not communicated with him.

However, Baron said he only hopes for one thing, that is, for his car to be returned to him.

“Yun lang [maibalik ang kotse], kaysa makulong ako.”

“Kasi, I cannot reach her anymore, e. Ayaw niya makipag-usap, e.”

In 2008, rumors had circulated that Baron is the father of Nadia’s youngest daughter.  However, Baron strongly denied the allegations that time, saying Nadia is a family friend and he was only close to Nadia being his mother’s close friend.

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