Alden Richards Chooses to Stay Happy by Ignoring Haters and Bashers

On November 24, PEP News was able to conduct a short interview with “Eat Bulaga!” TV host-actor Alden Richards just before he signed a new contract for a product endorsement. Alden admitted he had been receiving hate messages from AlDub fans, his followers, and the netizens.

Photo: aldenrichards02/Instagram

Apparently, the ******* had started after a Thai host had been bombarded with negative reactions after divulging to the public that Alden allegedly told him that he is currently single. However, Alden said he doesn’t really mind at all since he knew for a fact that ******* will always be a part of being a celebrity.

“They’re still there, always around, lurking around our social media accounts and personal lives.”

“But I’ve learned to accept the fact that they will exist no matter what we do.”

Photo: aldenrichards02/Instagram

According to Alden, as celebrities, they will always be criticized by the netizens with their few mistakes. He added that in the eyes of the people, they will never be good enough.

“The wrong ones are still what count when it comes to those bashers.”

“Ako, pinagpapasa-Diyos ko na lang talaga sila, kasi wala naman talaga akong magagawa if that’s the way they’re brought up by their parents.”

But then, he just hopes bashers will get enlightened and become busy minding their own lives.

Because the bashers had been using the social media to post hate messages, Alden admitted that he stopped reading these so he won’t be triggered to fire back just like other celebrities do when they get pissed off with their haters. In that way, he can always be happy.

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