21-Year-Old Woman Expresses Anger Towards QC Policemen for Catcalling Her

Women often experience being harassed on the streets and one way is catcalling which women oftentimes ignore because it’s hard to know how you should react.

A 21-year-old woman known as “Carmela” expressed her anger over some policemen to her Twitter account. Starting a ‘thread’ on her account, she then told the story of how the policemen disrespected her.

Screen Grab from Abs-Cbn News via Youtube

According to her tweets, it was at around 10:30 PM and she was walking along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City when a police car slowed down beside her. One policeman rolled down their window and gave her a look; the driver made a ‘whistle sound’ to imply their interest.

She ignored them and stopped walking but the policemen stopped over around 10 meters ahead of her and waited for her to walk past them.

They messed up with the wrong girl. She reported the incident to the Quezon City Law Enforcement Board and based on the investigations, CCTV footage showed that around the time of the incident, a police car was seen in the area.

Screen Grab from Abs-Cbn News via Youtube

In a report on Abs-Cbn News, Superintendent Ariel Capacao, chief of QCPD Station 8 denied that the police car was theirs, claiming their car was not in the area at the time of the incident. He, however, assured that they will not tolerate any form of harassment and catcalling any man from their ranks, and will give punishment to anyone proven guilty.

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