Xian Gaza Sells Jacket for Php135k, Reveals He’s Giving Proceeds Plus Scholarships to a Poor Family

A few days ago, the infamous Xian Gaza went viral yet again for offering his controversial coffee-date-billboard-guy jacket for sale for a whopping price of Php48,888 which comes a 256GB iPhone 7 and a 4D3N all-expenses paid trip to Maldives with him.

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Everyone was certain there would be no takers for this ‘crazy’ offer, especially considering how Xian has been accused of being a scammer and for using famous ladies such as Erich Gonzales and Ella Cruz for fame. Who would want to go with him on a holiday to Maldives, anyway?

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

But his bashers were wrong – very wrong!

In fact, there were so many who ‘applied’ to become the buyer that Xian had to auction the jacket (with the freebies) and the winning bidder paid a whopping total of Php135,000! Can you believe that?

Whoever this buyer might be (and everyone’s quite curious!), she likes Xian so much that she’s willing to buy the jacket for such a huge prize. Of course, it did come with the iPhone and Maldives vacation ‘freebies’ but Php135,000 could have already gotten her those items without having to spend at least 4 days with the ‘scammer’ guy, right?

But while his bashers continued to slam Xian for being a scammer who is surely using this jacket sale for publicity, the guy actually had noble plans for the money. While everyone was busy ******* him, he was also busy trying to find a way to connect with Mandy Sivillana, the young girl who was forced to become ‘mother’ to her siblings because their mom is in jail.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

He would later announce on Facebook that he’s giving all the proceeds (Php135,000) of the jacket sale to Mandy and her siblings. Of course, that means he has to shell out more money to pay for the Maldives trip with the mystery buyer but this guy’s a multi-millionaire so that’s just spare change to him.

Again, people bashed him for ‘just’ giving the money to the girl as such money would be spent and won’t be a lasting help to the family – as if Php135,000 isn’t already a huge help, right?

Well, it appears that Xian was one step ahead of his bashers. Aside from giving the proceeds of the jacket sale to the family, he also offered full scholarship for Mandy and her siblings. Moreover, his lawyers are already working on the case of the kids’ mother, hoping to post bail so there would be someone to care for the young children!

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

Xian might have a lot of bashers but he’s certainly gained a lot of admirers with his recent ‘publicity stunt’. This guy is certainly a clever one, eh?

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