This Teen Follows Father’s Footsteps in Being a Mortician and She Really Loves What She Does

Rolilet Agustin came all the way from Ramon, Isabela. She wants to pursue her not-so-ordinary job and the least aimed profession in the country – being a mortician or embalmer and she really loves what she does.

Rolilet came from a family whose profession is not for the weak-hearted. She came from a family in the funeral business. Her father is a mortician while her elder brother works at a different funeral parlor.

She didn’t think that the family business of funeral management is different from any other businesses.

Image: Abs-Cbn News

During her interview with Abs-Cbn News, she revealed she didn’t have an instant ‘calling’ to follow her father’s footsteps in the funeral industry so she took and completed a degree in Mass Communications in Manila. After she graduated, she went home and helped in her father’s business for a year.

She went back to Manila to look for a job because she didn’t want her degree to be wasted.

Three years later, she went home again and helped her father in their business – that’s where she realized the importance of their business and her father’s job on giving importance to the people who already left their loved ones.

“Hindi lang siya ordinary job. Parang, in a way, parang art siya e. Kasi bukod sa delicate job siya, hindi mo lang siya gagawin for the body itself. Extension pa ‘yung family na ise-serve mo,” Rolilet said.

(It’s not an ordinary job. It’s like an art in some ways because it’s a delicate job and you don’t do it for the body itself, you are also doing it for the family.)

That is the principle that Mang Roli, Rolilet’s father wants his daughter to inherit.

Rolilet never treated the **** bodies as ‘****’ she added.

“‘Yung being with cadavers, it brings me closer to life. Every time na andoon ako sa morgue, tinitingnan ko siya as everyday reminder na live your life,” Rolilet said.

(Being with ‘cadavers’ or with the **** , it brings me closer to life. Every time that I’m on the morgue, I always look at them considering that they remind me always to live my life.)

She is going to take her Embalming Licensure Examination in January 2018 to become a true mortician.

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