Rich Guy Blows Php1.2 Million at Casino Restaurant, Orders Exotic Food and Vintage Drinks

If you were to treat a group of 22 people at a restaurant, how much do you think will you spend? That could be anywhere from a few thousands to Php22,000, if you budget around Php1,000 per person.

But one super rich guy (or perhaps a lucky high roller?) just blew Php1.2 million at a casino restaurant for a meal of exotic food and vintage wines with his friends.

The astounding bill was posted on Facebook by a certain Jamil Sayson who apparently works at a restaurant in City of Dreams Manila. While the person who footed the bill wasn’t named in the post, a lot of people couldn’t help but wonder who would be rich enough to spend Php1.2 million in one night just for food and drinks – and for just 22 people in total!

Photo credit: Jamil Sayson / Facebook – PH Trending

Considering the staggering total, a lot of netizens couldn’t help but wonder what these guys were eating and drinking for them to come up with this whopping total bill.

On the receipt, exotic food items such as roasted duck, deep fried pigeon, and braised shark’s fin cost the rich guy a few thousand pesos. But a number of netizens couldn’t help but laugh at the other menu items, including the sautéed frog and double boiled seahorse – can you believe they ate those?

*Not the actual meal; for illustration purposes only
Photo credit: Boulder Station

‘Regular’ food items also appeared on the list, including roasted crispy pork belly and steamed wheat bread with spicy pork belly. Perhaps these were for the less adventurous ones in the group?

Well, the food items on the menu are actually quite ‘cheap’ compared with the drinks the group consumed. Would you believe they drank 5 bottles of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1993, a vintage wine that costs Php128,000 per bottle? That’s Php640,000 in total just for this drink alone!

They also tried other drinks although these were ‘cheaper’ at Php28,000 and Php19,000 per bottle.

Photo credit: Jamil Sayson / Facebook – PH Trending

Some netizens couldn’t help but comment, however, that with this amount, this rich guy could have already gotten himself a restaurant where he could have eaten as much as he wanted. Had he done that, he would have a steady business in the restaurant and all the food he could eat for a long, long time.

Photo credit: PH Trending

Others remarked that the amount is enough to purchase a brand new crossover or low-end SUV. Some said the money could have been a small house already or food enough to feed several thousand people!

It’s hard to imagine that someone would blow such a huge amount of money within such a short period of time for just a few people but, hey, it’s his money to spend so let’s just let him be…

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