Pinoy Guy Bashed by Netizens for Having a Foreigner GF, Turns Out to be a Hot Surfer

Just a few days ago, a Filipino guy went viral after photos of him and his girlfriend at a restaurant got netizens’ attention. First posted by Migs Cano who said the two were their customers, the photos would soon be reposted on several Facebook pages.

In these photos, the two were obviously in love but society has this notion that people should *only* fall in love with someone who is somewhat of similar background, race, and standard of beauty. We have forgotten about the saying that ‘Love is blind’, meaning love sees beyond the physical attributes of a person!

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Photo credit: Filipino Vines – Migs Cano / Facebook

Still, there were many who felt amazed that this rather ‘ordinary’ Filipino guy was able to make this beautiful foreigner fall in love with him. Others even joked that this is proof that one does not have to spend Php500,000 to look handsome just to find someone to love, much like what Marlou Arizala did when he transformed to Xander Ford.

But photos of this guy would later surface, showing him as a hot surfer from La Union.

Photo credit: Migs Cano / Facebook

After seeing the pictures, many changed their mind about him and said that they finally understand why this beautiful foreigner fell in love with him.

Although some still could not help but give unsolicited advice to the guy, saying he should keep wearing sunglasses and take off his shirt so he would always look hot and handsome.

Photo credit: Migs Cano / Facebook

What do you think of his photos?

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