Photos of Pinoy Surfer with Foreigner GF Go Viral, Spark Debate on Love and Skin Color

It is said that love is blind and knows nothing about skin color, appearance, age, and financial status in life yet humans are prone to being judgmental on the choices of others.

More often than not, tongues wag when couples have opposite characteristics. Somehow, people expect that couple should look somewhat similar in color and appearance (handsome guy and beautiful girl or ‘ordinary’-looking ones should be together).

Age is also a significant factor, with people assuming the younger and usually poorer partner is only after the rich older partner’s money and riches.

Photo credit: Filipino Vines / Facebook

In the Philippines, there are a lot of Filipinas married to foreigners – and people always assume this is because these Pinays are looking for an easy ticket out of poverty in these pensioners. But what if the woman is the foreigner and she fell in love with a local boy?

Well, it seems that people still talk about such a couple and unfairly judge them for being in love when they are too different from each other.

Like this couple whose photos went viral on several local Facebook pages. On Filipino Vines, the photos were captioned, “Ang pag-ibig walang pinipiling lahi yan maski itsura, basta tumibok ang puso sa isa’t-isa siguradong may forever ka na 😍😍”

(Love does not choose race, even appearance; as long as two hearts beat for each other, you’ll surely find your ‘forever’.)

Photo credit: Filipino Vines / Facebook

Indeed, we agree with this; although the caption does seem a bit unfair for the Pinoy guy who was later revealed to a surfer from San Juan, La Union.

The photos sparked a debate on love and skin color, with many saying this guy doesn’t even look ugly but only has dark skin because he’s a surfer.

Photo credit: Filipino Vines / Facebook

It is indeed unfair to judge the two just because they have different skin colors! Besides, who are we to judge others based on how their hearts beat, anyway?

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