OFW Wears Employer’s Clothes for FB Photos, Needs to Pay Php200k after Damaging Some Gowns

There’s this unwritten rule that if something is not yours, do not take or use it. But a lot of us forget this, especially when there’s no one else watching.

A Pinay domestic helper learned the lesson the hard way after she damaged her employer’s gown when she tried it on to take photos for Facebook. She now has to pay 15,000 riyal (over Php200,000) or get jailed!

According to this OFW’s friend ShainaLena Berbidel Fajemos, the younger woman admitted she was fond of wearing her employer’s clothes so she can post photos on Facebook and pretend the pretty items were hers.

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While wearing the gown her Madam will be using for a wedding the following Sunday, however, the employer arrived all of a sudden. The unnamed OFW panicked, causing her to damage the gown.

The employer was outraged – and rightfully so! She took the OFW’s phone and browsed through the photos as well as her Facebook account.

Seeing that the OFW had been wearing many of her clothes, the employer deduced that she was the culprit who damaged another gown in the past. In anger, the employer charged the amount of the gowns on the OFW, asking her to pay or else she’ll be sent to jail.

Photo credit: ShainaLena Berbidel Fajemos / Facebook

Scared of what might happen to her, the young OFW asked help from her Ate Shaina who could only shake her head at her friend’s foolishness. Considering how the amount she’s being asked to pay is such a huge one, it is quite likely that this OFW will be jailed – all for wearing her Madam’s clothes to get likes on Facebook. *Sigh*

Shaina shared the story on Facebook to warn other OFWs and workers not to do the same thing as that would surely be asking for trouble…

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