Obedient Boyfriend Wears Lipstick Per Girlfriend’s Request While She Chooses Desired Shade

A boyfriend will always do anything to make his girlfriend feel happy and loved.  But up to what extent can he prove his love for her?  Sometimes, a boyfriend is being put into test to know if his love for his girlfriend is real as most women want to feel secured.

They have different ways to prove it, but for this one boyfriend, he showed how genuine his love is by doing something which most guys won’t definitely do.

A Facebook post of Cladgedon Argawanon had gone viral on social media after he was seen wearing lipstick when his girlfriend named Marydel Mitch Separa Flores had requested him  to buy a lipstick for her since she cannot go to the mall that time.

And since he doesn’t specifically know what shade his girlfriend likes, he took a photo of all the lipstick shades available on display and sent it to her through FB messenger, instructing her to identify what she had chosen by encircling it.


Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

Later on, Marydel was able to pick a certain shade among the lipsticks based on the photo which Cladgedon sent.

Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

Cladgedon even sent a closer shot of the lipstick that she picked so she can clearly see. Shortly after, Marydel wished to see the actual color of the lipstick when being worn so she asked her boyfriend to put it on his lips.

At first, Cladgedon refused to apply the lipstick because he was the only man in the store and he would somehow look ‘funny’ but then, he gave in to his girlfriend’s persistent request.

Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

After he had worn it,  Marydel realized it wasn’t a good shade and asked him to try another shade and put it on his lips again.  Cladgedon had tried several colors yet Marydel ended up not to like all the colors that he tried.

Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

That time, Cladgedon was somehow feeling like being ‘played’ on by his girlfriend so he asked her, “Ano bang trip ‘to?”

Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

After exchanging chats for several minutes, Cladgedon’s girlfriend decided not to let him buy a lipstick for her anymore since they do not look good when applied on the lips and said they’ll just do it the next time they are together.

What was Cladgedon’s reaction then? He messaged her saying, “Tang“.

Marydel then replied, “Minumura mo ko!!?

But then, he explained that his reply means, “TANGgalin ko lang lipstick ko“.

Photo: Cladgedon Argawanon/Facebook

The post earned various reactions from netizens who found the post funny and cute by the way the lovers had exchanged their conversations.  Moreover, they praised Cladgedon for being such a sweet boyfriend who was willing to do anything to please the love of his life.

Netizens also wonder if there are still boyfriends like him who will be willing to do the same.  Funny, but this story is really sweet!

If you were Cladgedon, will you do the same?

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