Nursing Student Earns Praise for Helping Pregnant Woman Deliver Baby in Passenger Van

A 4th year nursing student from Bicol University earned much praise on social media for helping deliver another passenger’s baby while she was riding a passenger van last Sunday.

The student was identified as JM Cabarle. Her heroic deed was caught on camera by fellow passenger Amy Bacares.

According to reports, the pregnant woman named Remelyn Frondoso rode the passenger van with her husband, Romnick. Because she was already having contractions and labor pains, the driver tried to take her to the municipal hospital but they were turned away; thus, the driver hurried to take her to Naga City.

Photo credit: Amy Bacares / Facebook

The other passengers were panicking, especially because the mother’s blood pressure was going up and the contractions were getting closer together.

Thankfully, JM stepped in and offered to help. While she is still a nursing student, she had the presence of mind to stay calm and assist in the situation the best way she could.

But the baby couldn’t wait to get out! Vanessa Jane was born at around 6:45AM while the van was still in transit to the hospital!

Photo credit: Amy Bacares / Facebook

Romnick felt thankful that JM was there to help, saying something might have happened to his family if she wasn’t there to deliver the baby as him and the other passengers didn’t know what to do.

The thankful mother also expressed gratefulness for JM’s help, saying she hopes the young lady would continue to be a blessing to others.

Photo credit: Amy Bacares / Facebook

The couple believes their daughter will bring good luck and fortune not just to the driver of the passenger van but also to JM who felt happy to help and hopeful that the good fortune will follow her until next year when she takes the nursing board exams.

Good luck and God bless you, JM! You have a kind heart…

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