Netizens Slam Heartless Passengers Who Didn’t Give Up Seat for Old Lady Hanging from Back of Jeep

In passenger vehicles and public places, there are a lot of notices posted for people to give priority to old people as well as disabled ones; however, most of these are ignored because people are too engrossed with whatever it is they are doing with their mobile phones to even take notice.

Others actually see these old or disabled ones yet do nothing, choosing instead to become ‘blind’ for the sake of their own comfort.

Take for example the passengers of a jeep who were bashed on social media for not giving up their seat for an old lady who ended up hanging from the back of the jeep as it headed to its destination.

Photo credit: Maria Elena Paragas / Facebook – Duterte Ang Pagbabago

Photos of the old lady would soon go viral on social media after these were posted by a certain Maria Elena Paragas who was appalled at the passengers of the jeep headed for Valencia, Negros Oriental, a town located at the foothills of the mountain just west of Dumaguete City.

The road was going uphill; thus, the old lady’s weak legs would surely have a difficult time keeping herself steady on that ‘extension’ seat at the end of the jeep.

Netizens slammed the other passengers for not giving up their seat for this unnamed old lady, especially because there were two guys at the end seats of the jeep who could have given her the space. Her precarious position on that end part could make her fall off the jeep!

Photo credit: Maria Elena Paragas / Facebook – Duterte Ang Pagbabago

While it is said that a lot of women are asking for equality with men, this is a special case because this is an old lady. In case of accidents, her old body wouldn’t be as agile to move to safety. Moreover, her old bones wouldn’t heal as fast as young people.

There were, of course, those who said the old lady might have wanted to sit there because she didn’t want to wait for the next jeep that can accommodate her better but many said the guys (or even girls!) at that vehicle should have given up their seat for her!

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