Netizens Slam Company for Not Giving Lunch Breaks for Security Guard Spotted Eating While Standing Up

Photo credit: West Claire / OFW Kalingawan - Manila Central

A lot of people have this notion that security guards have the easiest jobs because they don’t do anything other than stand and guard a place but the job is actually difficult because guarding a place could mean actually losing your life when the bad guys come and rob the place!

In some offices, they let the guards do extra work so that they can also be ‘useful’ – forgetting that guards are supposed to watch for the security of the place and the customers. Still, guards might actually welcome the extra task as this keeps them from getting bored.

But one company recently went viral after its guard was spotted eating while standing up. This unnamed guard was photographed as he was having lunch inside a ‘Cebuana Place’, according to Manila Central.

Photo credit: West Claire / OFW Kalingawan – Manila Central

The exact location of the guard’s post was not revealed but the photo was shared on Facebook page OFW Kalingawan by a certain West Claire.

Many netizens expressed admiration at the guard for doing his duties and not complaining about the difficulties he experiences on the job but they also slammed the company for the inhumane treatment of this guard.

Most of those who commented on the post hoped the company would give breaks to their guards or at least provide them with a place where they can eat and even rest for a while as they take their break. After all, the human body needs rest – and the guard could certainly perform his duties better if he gets a much-needed rest even for just a couple of minutes…