Netizens Get Amused Seeing”Pambansang Krung-Krung” Sandara Park Using “Bayongciaga” from Divisoria

Designer bags are considered luxury items because of being pricey and expensive, thus, only a few can afford to buy them.  In fact, some of the styles even amount to a huge amount of money which can already be used to purchase a car.  Nonetheless, those who can afford buy these luxury bags as these denote class, sophistication and status symbol.

Meanwhile, there are those people who prefer to be simple by using “generic” brands which are relatively less expensive and very economical.  Though they are financially capable of purchasing the expensive ones, they exercise practicality and consider owning a designer bag as not a necessity.

A few days ago, the post of Korean darling, Sandara Park also known as “Pambansang Krung-Krung”on her Twitter account as @krung21, earned various comments from netizens after she shared her picture carrying a “bayongciaga” bag which she purchased from Divisoria.

The bag was similar to the Balenciaga bag which costs thousands of pesos. Being funny, clever and wacky, her post became viral on social media later on.

Photo : @krung21/Twitter

Apparently, Balenciaga had released its Cabas Shopper bag at the Demna Gvasalia’s Fall and Winter Fashion Show in 2016.  With its appearance, Filipinos were witty enough to link it to the “palengke bags” that we normally use in markets.

While our “bayongciaga” bag costs only  Php10.00 or a little more than that, the Balenciaga Cabas Shopper costs Php10,000 for lambskin and Php500,000 for snakeskin version.

Photo : @krung21/Twitter
Photo : @krung21/Twitter

Park earned praises from netizens for her simplicity and for being Filipino by heart for incorporating Filipino values and culture in choosing to purchase a “bayongciaga” though she can afford to buy the real Balenciaga bag.

Netizens also admire her for her love of the Filipino people and the Philippines in its entirety.

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