Netizens Express Admiration on Man Who Massaged Pregnant Wife’s Tired Feet in Public

A loving husband was caught on video as he massaged his pregnant wife’s tired feet while they were out in the public – and his sweet gesture would bring him to fame as lots of netizens expressed admiration that a guy like him still exists.

It is a fact in life that guys aren’t always showy in their affection to their loved ones. While there are those who actually enjoy getting in the limelight and showing their love in cheesy public displays of affection (PDA), most still prefer to just keep things to themselves.

But this unnamed guy was something else – or perhaps it’s because his wife was pregnant and needs some extra tender loving care (TLC), eh?

Photo credit: Boiling Waters / Facebook

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook page Boiling Waters, the loving husband could be seen squatting at the bottom of the stairs in what appears to be one that leads to an MRT or LRT station somewhere in Metro Manila.

The man is smiling as he gives his wife’s foot a massage. He seems to be enjoying the moment, pampering his tired wife as she sits on that flight of stairs to relax.

Photo credit: Boiling Waters / Facebook

Everyone who has experienced pregnancy knows how easily pregnant women can get tired and have cramps; thus, a lot of women expressed admiration that this guy knew how to make his wife feel better – even if that meant having to massage her tired feet in a public place.

Isn’t this a sweet gesture? The video was captioned, “Spotted: Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Brad, ito gayahin mo. If you love her, serve her! #WayOfTheWarrior” – and we certainly agree!

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