Netizen Finds Hidden Camera Inside a Famous Fast Food Chain

You may want to check the comfort room’s cubicles, male urinals or changing rooms before using them because you never know if someone might have installed a hidden camera and we don’t want others to see our private parts or whatever we’re doing in a supposed-to-be private area.

We all know how surveillance cameras are extremely important whether in businesses or at home for safety purposes and documentation but we are also aware that there are limits on where these cameras should be installed.

Image from Viral4Real

A few days ago, an unnamed netizen raised awareness about a hidden camera who seemed to look like a USB in one of SM Jollibee’s restrooms. The netizen took the camera with her and tried to access the USB when she reached home.

It was very alarming because the USB consists of several videos of people pulling their pants down. The netizen added that the videos stored were from different comfort rooms.

Image from Viral4Real

The exact locations on where the device was placed remain unknown.

Image from Viral4Real

Though the information shown are limited – whether this is true or not, everyone is still advised to be extra careful when using the comfort room or changing room because these cameras can be well hidden or disguised; we never know when will these culprits invade our privacy.

In fact, several reports in these past few years reveal how these perverts make their way to install hidden cameras and different public showers, toilets, fitting room and such.

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