KMJS Tries to Help Forgetful Old Man with Php95k Savings in ‘Old’ Money

Remember the old man who saved Php95k but forgot about it, only for his family to find the stash and discover they were just a few months late in exchanging the money because the ‘old’ bills have been demonetized?

The story recently went viral because the last extended deadline for exchanging the old money had been on June 30.

Considering that the family had found the money in September, they were 3 months late but because the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) had been extending the deadline a couple of times in the past, a lot of netizens believe the money could still be exchanged especially considering the circumstances behind it.

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The story was picked up by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. The forgetful old man was identified as Fernando Escolano, a retired driver whose doctor boss had given him the money as part of his retirement benefits. According to him, he had always been secretive with his family when it comes to money so that they could still have money to use during the rainy days.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / GMA Public Affairs – YouTube

Sadly, he developed dementia and had forgotten all about the Php95k he hid from his wife. Since she didn’t even know he had it, she and the children never tried to find it even when the BSP repeatedly reminded the public to exchange their ‘old money’.

With Tatay Fernando needing the money to buy medications for him and his wife as well as the fact that he had been diagnosed with dementia, it was with great hope that KMJS accompanied the family to the BSP to appeal their case.

Would the BSP consider this as a special case? Watch this video to find out:


It’s sad that the BSP didn’t consider Tatay Fernando’s case but at least the KMJS team found a way to help him out with the medications. Some netizens have also expressed willingness to help.

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