Jennylyn Shares How She Overcomes Life’s Challenges in an Inspirational Talk

Ultimate Star Jennylyn Mercado shares a part of herself in an Inspirational Talk when she narrates how she overcomes life’s trials from becoming pregnant until she triumphantly bounced back to her showbiz career.

Photo : Jennylyn Mercado/Facebook

Jennylyn admitted that being pregnant was among those she considered her “lowest points”.  But then, she remained positive and looked at it in a brighter perspective until she was able to overcome her fears.

In a report via GMA News “24 Oras” on Saturday, the actress shared her life story during an Inspirational Talk which according to her was a way to express how grateful she is for the blessings that she has been receiving.

Photo : Jennylyn Mercado/Facebook

Jennylyn claimed that during her pregnancy, she thought it was the end of her career yet, later on, she realized that it opened more doors of opportunity for her since she was able to do more television series and movies.

“Yung mga experience na ‘yun, du’n ka matututo eh. Du’n mo matatandaan na importante pala na napagdaanan ko rin siya. Kung hindi, siguro hindi ko alam ‘yung gagawin ko ngayon.”

Among the Kapuso network’s stars who were able to hear Jennylyn’s talk was Gil Cuerva, her leading man in “My Love From The Star” and Migo Adecer, both Starstruck alumnus.

“She is I think the perfect example of the proper work ethic you should have,” Gil said.

“It just reminds everybody na lahat tayo, human talaga, no matter what status, no matter what position,” Migo added.

During her talk, Jennylyn emphasized that her greatest secret is being optimistic in all aspects of her life.

Photo : Jennylyn Mercado/Facebook

She is also grateful for the chance given to her in delivering her very first inspirational talk to be able to serve as an inspiration to the newbies in the showbiz industry.

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