Jeep Driver Gives Free Ride to Long Lost Lover Who’s Now Married Someone Else, But She Couldn’t Even Remember Him

What would you do if you meet a long lost lover after many years? Of course, it might be hard to say what would really happen next and how you would both react, mostly depending on many factors including how you ended up apart.

In Iloilo City, central Philippines, a jeepney driver encountered a long lost lover, the woman he promised to love forever but she married someone else. Sadly, she doesn’t even recognize him!

In a post on Pusang Makata as shared by a certain Ira, it was revealed that the old lady had ridden a jeep in the city, heading to a mall when the driver refused to accept her fare.

The netizens who shared the story said that the driver repeatedly returned the old woman’s money, leading to her confusion. She would ask the driver who he was, enumerating a string of names in her quest to determine the identity of the driver who is giving her the free ride but he refused to answer.

Even as the old lady went off the jeep, the driver still refused to tell her his name – and the other passengers were definitely intrigued although they just kept quiet.

Photo credit: Pusang Makata / Facebook

Salamat gid kung sin-o ka man,” the old lady said.

(Thank you, whoever you are.)

The driver sadly mused how the old lady didn’t even remember him, revealing she’s a lover from the past.

Baw wala ya gid ko nadumduman ba. Gin hulat ko na siya sobra 30 ka tuig pero iba gin pakaslan ya,” he sighed.

(Aw. She didn’t even remember me. I waited for her for over 30 years but she married someone else.)

Siling ko sa kaugalingon ko sang una, kung sabton ya ko, sagudon ko gid siya kag bisan piso waay gid siya may problemahun sa gasto. Asta subong gin tuman ko promisa ko,” he revealed.

(I promised that if she would love me back, I would always care for her and she wouldn’t have to worry about a single peso. Until now I kept my promise.)

It seemed the jeepney driver hasn’t married because of his promise to this long lost lover but it was such a heartbreaking thing to have finally met her again but she couldn’t even remember him…

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