Italian ‘Business Insider’ Host Reviews Jollibee, Gets Pinoys Laughing with His Candid Remarks

Jollibee is a Filipino fastfood chain that has over 1,000 outlets in the Philippines and 80 stores outside the country. The fastfood chain is a Filipino favorite – with food that most Filipinos prefer over other fastfood chains.

In fact, Jollibee is the only store that beat the McDonald’s franchise. It is said that McDonald’s is the world’s #1 fastfood chain, except in the Philippines where it only comes in as second.

Jollibee is such a Filipino favorite that Pinoys around the world are known to drive hundreds of miles to the nearest store just to get the taste of their trademark ChickenJoy and Jolly Spaghetti. Palabok is also a favorite item on the menu as well as the halo-halo dessert.

Photo credit: Business Insider / Facebook

But while most Pinoys love Jollibee, a lot of foreigners aren’t as enthused over the Filipino food on the menu.

An Italian host on ‘Business Insider’ recently reviewed the items offered at a Jollibee store in the US – and his candid remarks on the food items got a lot of Filipinos laughing. What makes the review great is that he tried everything in front of the camera and just expressed his thoughts about how the food tastes.

Watching the video, a lot of Filipinos could definitely relate with his ‘This is so good’ remarks. Considering he is a foreigner, his mostly positive review on the food items endeared him to many Filipinos.

Photo credit: Business Insider / Facebook

We could all laugh with his bewildered reaction to palabok; though he said it was a great meal. However, considering that he’s Italian, his reaction to Jolly Spaghetti is to be expected. After all, while most Pinoys love the sweet taste of this spaghetti, Italians love theirs with real tomato sauce which actually tastes more sour than sweet.

Check out his comments on Jollibee’s menu items and have fun laughing along at his candid remarks. Who can relate with this?

We can’t embed the video due to Business Insider’s restrictions but you can click here to watch the clip on their official Facebook page.

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