How Much Did Marlou Arizala Need to Become Xander Ford? Nearly Php500k!

Tired of how you look and excited to try something new? You’ll *only* need Php500,000 for it! Well, that’s the estimate of how much it cost to have a makeover like that undergone by Marlou Arizala to look like a hunk as Xander Ford.

We don’t recommend that you undergo cosmetic surgery to ‘enhance’ your looks as we believe everyone is beautiful, no matter how they look, but it could not be argued that there are people like Marlou who just don’t like the face and skin they were born in.

So, if you have plans to undergo a major ‘overhaul’, here’s how much it cost for Marlou to become Xander, according to ABS-CBN News.

Photo credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook

Marlou was quite lucky that he had sponsors to pay for the procedures because surgeries like this don’t actually come cheap!

  • Nose – Php100,000
  • Chin – Php70,000
  • Teeth – Php170,000
  • Eye Brows – Php35,000
  • Eye Lashes – Php1,500
  • Lips – Php35,000
  • Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Php21,000
  • Hairstyle – Php2,500
  • Skin Whitening – Php5,000

The total bill could be anywhere around Php500,000, especially because he still has to undergo more treatments such as the one to make his face look smoother as well as to make his skin whiter.

Filipinos are obsessed with looking much fairer than the natural ‘kayumanggi’ (brown) skin – and it seems that even males now want to look fair, as exemplified by Marlou’s makeover to become Xander.

Silicone implants were placed on his nose so he could have a ‘higher bridge’ and on his chin so he could have a ‘more defined jawline’. His lips had to be tinted to lighten the dark color and make him look ‘more kissable’. He also received implants for his eye brows and eye lashes to make them look fuller.

Considering his teeth were quite crooked, extensive changes had to be done; thus, his teeth makeover had the largest bill of all. Ceramic veneers were placed on his teeth, each costing around Php18,000 to Php25,000.

A lot of netizens were quite amazed to see Marlou/Xander with smooth skin, considering he had pockmocked skin before.

Photo credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook

Although Marlou was quite lucky to have sponsors for his major makeover, he admitted that the physical pain he felt in undergoing all those procedures within just a short period of time was ‘more unbearable’ than the bill although his new looks proved it was all worth the pain, eh?

So, do you still want to undergo a major transformation? Get your Php500,000 check ready!

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