“Hindi Porke May Baby Na, Forever Na”; Young Mother Claims Having a Baby Doesn’t Guarantee a Happy Family

Babies are considered blessings from God. They are like tiny “angels” that God has given to parents as a precious gift and fruit of their love for one another. They said, having a baby will strengthen the relationship of a mother and a father, and will hold them together to stand the test of time.

A few days ago, a love story of a young couple had been shared on social media which didn’t end up happily the way others expected it to be because they already have a baby.

The mother had to end the relationship with the father of her baby, thinking it would be the best thing to do after getting tired of their unreasonable fights and countless arguments. The post had gone viral after it earned various reactions from netizens who can relate with their “unsuccessful” love story.

Clarisse Sentorias posted on her Facebook account that having a baby cannot guarantee that a relationship of a couple will last forever. She first thanked her partner for the happy moments they’ve shared together and expressed that he will always have a place in her heart.  But then, she said she had to end their relationship after getting tired of all his foolishness but she’s not taking away his right as a father to their child.

Photo : Clarisse Sentorias/Facebook

Clarisse hoped that her story will serve as an eye opener to her family and friends to not assume that they were having a happy life together after she had given birth.

She also apologized to the father of her child that she had to end it that way and assured him that from then on, she will no longer do the “crazy” things she did before just to earn his love and attention.

Photo : Clarisse Sentorias/Facebook

Apparently, she said that every time they had an argument, it was always her who would be first to apologize and would even visit him at his house. But it came to the point when she realized that she had to value herself more and focus her attention on their baby.

Sad though, she said not all people will realize their faults and most often, realization only come later on.

Photo : Clarisse Sentorias/Facebook

More so, she addressed her post to the millenials who were thinking that just because they had a baby would mean they were happy saying that it was not true.  She also said that not in all cases, a man would become responsible after becoming a father.

“Hindi porke may baby na, Forever na,” she concluded.

Netizens admired Clarisse for her bravery and said that she deserved to have a brighter future ahead of her. Some of them claimed that her story was so inspiring and they can relate with it.

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