Guy Asks Ex-GF to Return Huge Teddy Bear He Gave Her as Gift, So He Could Give it to New GF

One Filipino guy has earned the ire of netizens after he asked his ex-girlfriend to return a huge teddy girl he gave her as gift when they were still together so that he could give it to his current girlfriend! What a cheapskate, eh?

The ex-girlfriend, Hannah Hernandez, posted on Facebook a photo of herself hugging a huge pink teddy bear and announced that the guy could take it back anytime he wants to as she might not be around when he goes to her house.

According to Hannah, she hopes that the new girl will like the teddy bear. In closing, she thanked the guy for giving her a chance to have the teddy bear and wished him blessings.

Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez / Facebook

But netizens weren’t as forgiving or amused as Hannah, with most saying the guy was crazy for even thinking about taking back the teddy bear. After all, even if he and Hannah were no longer a couple, he had given the teddy bear to her as a gift – why would he even take it back?

He had a rather obvious explanation why he’s taking the teddy bear back.

Hannah had posted his messages to her wherein he asked whether he could get the teddy bear back because he wants to give it to his new girlfriend. Since the teddy bear had been expensive, he does not have money to buy a new one so he thought this one would make a great gift for his new girl.

Photo credit: Hannah Hernandez / Facebook

Of course, we see the logic in his request. After all, he must be thinking that Hannah no longer wants the teddy bear because it would just remind her of their broken relationship. A lot of girls often give back or throw away the things their ex-boyfriends gave them – why would Hannah be different, anyway?

Well, that’s how this guy thinks this whole ex-relationship works; thus, he messaged his ex-GF.

A lot of people bashed him on social media, with several netizens saying Hannah shouldn’t have protected his identity by covering his name so they would know who this guy is and to warn the new GF that her gift is actually a recycled one given to (and taken from) her boyfriend’s old flame.

But we’re willing to bet that whoever this girl is, she now knows about the teddy bear hoopla because Hannah’s post had gone quite viral on social media! We’re not quite sure how she’d react or whether she’d accept the gift from the guy…

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