Gretchen Plays with Supermarket Cart While Shopping with Daughter, Gets Mixed Reactions

Gretchen Barretto is no stranger to controversies – and she’s figured in another one after she posted a video of herself playing with her daughter Dominique Cojuangco in a supermarket cart.

Now, supermarket carts have wheels and space for kids to sit on so their parents can shop around without fear that the children will wander around and get lost. A lot of parents have taken advantage of shopping carts to also let their kids rest their tired legs.

Most kids outgrow the need to ‘rest’ in the shopping cart and would rather walk on their own. Moreover, mall security would surely stop you from letting bigger kids sit in the cart as their weight might be over the shopping cart’s capacity.

Photo credit: @gretchenbarretto / Instagram

Considering that Dominique is definitely not a little kid as she’s already graduated from fashion school in London, a lot of netizens believe the duo had gone overboard on this one.

But others expressed support that Gretchen has shown her bubbly side. After all, the actress is known for her ‘queenly’ stature and has rarely shown herself doing crazy, spontaneous things like playing with supermarket carts!

Photo credit: @gretchenbarretto / Instagram

Has age mellowed the actress down? Well, it seems that might be the case – and many fans find the video cute.

But there were many who lamented how mall security officers are unfair in that they let rich and famous ones do this on supermarket carts but would have surely asked the duo to stop if they were just ‘ordinary’ people.

What do you think of this video?

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