Girl Goes Viral for Hilarious Throwback Photo from Preschool of Unique Undies-in-Toga Graduation Attire

When netizens Bibayyyy (user @ItsMeAvssss) posted a throwback photo of her preschool graduation, social media went abuzz because of her rather ‘unique’ graduation attire – or lack of one, actually. LOL.

She wrote on the Twitter post, “Minsan iniisip ko kung minahal ba talaga ako ng pamilya ko! 😭😂” (Sometimes I wonder if my family really loves me! 😭😂)

By now, you must have already guessed that she is surely the girl in the photo who was just wearing undies beneath the toga. While it probably went unnoticed most of the time, everything changed during the graduation song when they had to raise their arms to act out whatever song it was they were singing.

Photo credit: Twitter / Bibayyyy (user @ItsMeAvssss)

Standing on the front row, Bibayyyy’s lack of clothes was not just noticeable, it was making a ‘silent scream’ if ever such is possible. You see, the rest of the class was wearing their school uniforms – where did hers go?

A lot of netizens couldn’t help but put forth various theories as to why she wasn’t wearing clothes beneath that toga.

Most netizens had agreed upon themselves that Bibayyyy’s mother probably misinterpreted the teacher’s instructions. One netizens explained, “Ask ng nanay nya, ‘Teacher ano po susuotin sa graduation?’ Teacher: ‘Naka toga po.’ So ayan nakatoga naman di ba?” (The mother asked the teacher what the kids will wear for the graduation. The teacher replied ‘toga’. Well, she’s wearing a toga, right?)

Others had rather hilarious ideas, with some saying her mother promised they would go swimming after the celebration so she made sure she was ready to go. Some also commented that she probably wanted to graduate in a costume and was channeling Darna at the time.

Photo credit: Twitter / Bibayyyy (user @ItsMeAvssss)

But some eagle-eyed netizens pointed out that Bibayyyy wasn’t the only one wearing undies beneath her toga. At the second row, cleverly hidden by the other kids in toga (and uniform) was another girl wearing undies similar to what Bibayyyy had on.

Could it be they actually came from a presentation and had not time to change before the graduation song – or did this other kid’s mom make the same wrong move as Bibayyyy’s mom? LOL.

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