Ex-Janitor’s Son Tops Mechanical Engineering Board Exams, Honors Father’s Sacrifice

Knowing that his salary as janitor at an elementary school would not be enough to send his kids to college, Nelson Corbita retired early so he could pay for his son Jay Nelson Corbita’s education at Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, southern Philippines.

His sacrifice wasn’t all blind faith because Jay Nelson had been a consistent honor student since grade school. It would surely be a waste if the young man couldn’t graduate from college just because their family didn’t have money to send him to school.

With his dad’s retirement money, Jay Nelson enrolled at Xavier University in course Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He knew he must do his best in his studies because his father’s sacrifice would be in vain if he just jokes around and flunk in school.

Knowing his dad’s retirement money would eventually run out, Jay Nelson didn’t waste his chance. He graduated from college last March 2017 as summa cum laude!

Afterwards, he reviewed earnestly for the board exams.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

He did feel somewhat pressured because there were a lot of people rooting for him to top the licensure exams. The school officials were also quite excited for him, especially because it will be their first time to have a mechanical engineering graduate top the board exams.

I felt pressured while taking the exam because I know other people expected me to top it. But I told myself that even if I will not top the exam, at least I knew I did my best to pass it,” Jay Nelson revealed.

Honoring his father’s sacrifice and fulfilling many people’s predictions for his future, Jay Nelson did top the board exams!

With a score of 92.20%, he earned his ‘Engineer’ license with flying colors. Indeed, he did not waste his father’s sacrifice – and he’s going viral on social media because people were amazed with his story.

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