Crowd Steals Skateboard Won by Teen, He Gets Pranked by Sponsor Who Later Gives Him Board of His Choice

After the crowd steals the skateboard won by a teen at a “We Legendary” event, he gets pranked by the sponsor who later gives him the board of his choice!

Sports and skateboard shop We Legendary in Quezon City hosted an event in which they later threw a board to the crowd as a prize. Sadly, the first one who caught the board was mobbed the crowd and had the board stolen. Not only that, the young skater got hurt in the scuffle.

Photo credit: We Legendary / Facebook

Someone else complained that they won the skateboard; thus, We Legendary reviewed the footage they took from the event – and discovered that the rightful winner was actually a young skater.

We Legendary asked help from the skating community to identify the skater who turned out to be a teen named Issac Estavillo. He was invited to the skateboard shop; although the management didn’t immediately tell him about their plans.

Photo credit: We Legendary / Facebook

Issac thought he was in trouble as the staff interviewed him about what happened. The teen explained that he was the first one to hold the board but one of his friends tried to take it from him. Both of them refused to let go of the board but while they were fighting for the board, the crowd mobbed them.

Soon, Issac was wounded because someone grabbed the board and it hit him hard. At that point, the two friends had to let go of the board to tend to his wound.

The store staff finally told him they saw what happened on video and knew that it was really him who caught the board first. This time, they are giving him the board he wants – without anyone else trying to grab it from him! Whew!

Photo credit: We Legendary / Facebook

The skater shouted with glee, feeling relieved that he wasn’t in trouble with the store and that they were actually giving him a board…

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