From Child Prodigy to ‘Below Average’ Student, This Graduate Shares Her Inspiring Graduation Story

A graduate recently shared the tale of having two graduation photos and it would inspire a lot of people who were amazed at how she managed to gathered herself together and succeeded in reaching her goals despite what she had been through.

At age 3, Giorgia Danga memorized all the flags of the world – and everyone expected that as a child prodigy, she would grow up into a genius kid. But she turned out to be ‘just a below average’ student, disappointing a lot of people after she couldn’t meet their expectations.

While is a creative person, she chose the medical field in college thinking it would the best choice. This turned out to be a wrong one.

“It was hard being a right-brained, creative spirit in the health sciences world. It was being a chicken in a flying contest when you were dying to be Chickenjoy. It was hard being a slow-learner in a fast-paced institution. It was being the turtle in a marathon.

It was hard being the promdi private school girl in UP. It was the big fish in a small pond turning into a small fish in the ocean.

In November 2015, she had her graduation photo taken – only to find out weeks later that she wouldn’t be able to graduate that year. She failed twice in clinical internship rotation and would later become diagnosed with clinical depression.

She was also one test away from getting diagnosed with ****** at age 20 and has experienced so much rejection and ‘intellectual insults’ that she didn’t know how she would manage to survive and get up after hitting rock bottom.

It was heartbreaking seeing your mother’s face after telling her you’re not graduating. It was twisting listening to your friends talk about the dress they’d be wearing when they march while forcing a smile,” she wrote – and anyone who’s ever flunked school knew exactly how that felt…

But Giorgia did not let her failures dictate her future. She wasn’t able to graduate on time – but who said she couldn’t graduate at all?

Photo credit: Giorgia Danga / Facebook

After taking a much-needed break from all the hardships she was facing, she went back to school. This time, she wasn’t just ‘barely surviving’ but actually enjoying her studies. She turned her failing grades (5) into the highest possible marks (1) – and even graduated with a merit certificate!

She is on her way to complete mental recovery from her depression, volunteers for children with ****** & chronic illnesses, and has finally embraced the course she chose.

Not only did she prove to herself that she’s “not so ‘bobo’ after all”, she also became an inspiration to many who are experiencing hard times especially in their studies.

She ends her post with this inspiring insight:

And what do you know, the chicken learned to fly high and fast- knowing she can still be Chickenjoy later on, the turtle eventually reached finish line, and the small fish in the ocean grew a little bigger.”

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