Camiguin Tourism Video Impresses Audience with Unique Concept Using a Typical ‘Ordinary’ Traveler

When making promotional videos, brands and marketing specialists often look for the best people to represent the image – and that often means hiring sexy, good-looking people. After all, you don’t want your brand to appear like it is cheap, right?

Well, an ad made by the Camiguin Tourism Office has made waves on social media – and everyone is actually praising its unique concept, especially because the ad actually starred a ‘typical traveler’ and not some skinny model.

Alright, first things first – we have nothing against sexy ladies and hunk guys who love to parade their beautiful bodies on Instagram and travel sites. We can’t also fault brands for hiring such people but when this tourism office created this ad, it appealed more to the ‘ordinary’ travelers.

Photo credit: CAMIGUIN TOURISM OFFICE / Facebook

Let’s face it. Most people are overweight and definitely don’t look like perfect models on the pages of glossy magazines. While there’s nothing wrong with looking fabulous and sexy, most people feel bad that they don’t look skinny and beautiful.

But traveling and having fun should be for everyone – not matter how you look, no matter your size, no matter what or who you are!

The ad starts off with a woman who is the exact opposite of skinny. She sounded a bit irritating, too, when she began to complain about Camiguin being too small, too quiet, too boring while her friend on the phone tells her she’ll really love the place but he’s sorry he can’t be there.

A mute tour guide arrives to offer her a tour around the island. While he couldn’t talk, he was quite friendly and her friend encouraged her to accept the offer.

Photo credit: CAMIGUIN TOURISM OFFICE / Facebook

She would soon learn that there was more to this island than being small and boring. The tour guide took her to amazing places and gave her a chance to enjoy the best of what the island could offer.

By the middle of the video, she was no longer complaining but truly enjoying herself. At the end of the clip, she was speechless – because that’s how captivating Camiguin is. She had no words to describe exactly what she felt – and it’s the best thing, ever!

Check out this video and prepare to be impressed by the unique concept of the video as well as the captivating beauty of this small and ‘boring’ island:

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