Bus Driver Insists on Crossing Flooded River in Mindanao, Receives Mixed Reactions

Despite the river being swollen with flood waters, the driver of a bus full of passengers still decided to make a go for it and drive the bus across – earning mixed reactions on social media.

According to reports, there’s no bridge in this spot located at Brgy. San Isidro in the municipality of Sergio Osmeña Sr. (usually shortened to ‘Osmeña’), Zamboanga del Norte. Thus, the locals are forced to drive their vehicles across the river.

In most days, the river is just shallow and easier to navigate but due to the incessant rains brought by Typhoon Paolo and a low pressure area, it was swollen with flood waters at the time this bus crossed it.

Photo credit: Lang Jauculan – Trending Newsfeed Info / Facebook

While there were a number of vehicles waiting at the other side of the river bank, including some buses, this other bus just couldn’t wait for the waters to subside. Perhaps the driver knew that the water would take too long to empty from the river or perhaps he was sure about the river bed; thus, he didn’t hesitate to go across even with the flood.

The bus’ passengers could be heard screaming as soon as the bus hits the water. It turned out it was carrying teachers and students at the time! OMG!

A lot of netizens would later slam the driver for risking the lives of his passenger by crossing the river despite the flood but others praised his guts for doing it.

But many were more concerned about the fact that this place does not have a bridge. Netizens called on the local government officials to look into this concern ASAP else something bad happens to those who are forced to take the river crossing, especially during floods.

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