256GB iPhone 7 and 4D3N All-Expenses Paid Vacation to Maldives, ‘Freebies’ for Buyer of Xian Gaza’s Jacket

Many people dream of buying the latest gadgets and going on a vacation to some exotic and popular destination, even if they don’t want to admit it.

Well, Coffee-Date-Billboard-Guy Xian Gaza is offering one lady the chance to get the following freebies just for buying Coffee-Date-Billboard-Guy-JACKET for a fixed price of Php48,888.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook
  • Brand New iPhone 7 256GB Red
  • 4D3N All-Expenses Paid Trip to Maldives

Sounds too good to be true? Well, Gaza promised it is a legitimate public sale – and the only catch there, really, is that the trip to Maldives is with him and the buyer is someone that should pass his qualifications.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

Considering that a brand new iPhone 256GB costs around Php42,000 and a 4D3N trip to Maldives costs around Php50,000 per person, whoever buys the jacket certainly gets a good bargain with the freebies. While the jacket is definitely overprized, the ‘freebies’ can be considered as a buy-1-get-1 offer if you count their value.

Of course, that depends on how you look at it, especially considering that the buyer would have to spend the entire trip with Gaza – but is it really that bad to spend those 4 days with him, eh?

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

The post has raised public interest, of course. A lot of people are quite interested to know whether some girl would be brave (and rich) enough to take the offer. After all, she still has to spend Php48,888 for the jacket to get the freebies.

Also, Gaza doesn’t exactly have a good reputation on social media after his coffee date billboard offer to Erich Gonzales was met with criticism and he was later slammed for being an alleged scammer as well as for ‘using’ celebrities like Ella Cruz for fame.

Just to make sure he isn’t reminded of these ladies with his mystery buyer/date, he also included a strict requirement to the qualifications he listed.

Photo credit: Xian S. Gaza / Facebook

Anyone interested in the offer should pass the following requirements/qualifications:

  • Female since birth
  • 18 to 29 years old
  • Never been married
  • Single or with boyfriend’s notarized permit
  • Name has no touch of ‘ella’, ‘ela’, ‘erich’, ‘rich’, ‘erika’ nor ‘maica’

What can you say about Gaza’s ‘sale’ post? Do you think there will be any takers?

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