Young Entrepreneur Wisely Saves P99K in 7-Day Challenge, Encourages Everyone to Save and Become Ready Than Sorry

A post of a certain Rosemarie Tan inspired a lot of netizens who eventually admired her for being able to raise the amount of P99K in just a span of 7 days.  The big amount was saved by the young entrepreneur who disciplined herself to have enough money for the ‘rainy days’.  The post had gone viral over the social media and stirred excitement for many to try exactly what she did hoping it will also work for them.

According to the post, on September 2, Rosemarie challenged herself to start saving her 50, 100, 500, and 1000 bills in an empty “puppy love milk” canister which she was selling  from her own pet shop instead of buying an expensive coin bank.  She opted to open it a week after to see how much can she wisely save.

Rosemarie said it wasn’t easy at first because she was always eager to open her coin bank, however, she controlled herself to wait for a few days more.

Photo : Rosemarie Tan/Facebook

Rosemarie claimed that she trimmed down all her expenses and did not even buy anything during those saving days. As Rosemarie owns a pet shop, she said she didn’t even buy a new pet for her store or any thing for her.  She also managed to spend only the P20-peso bills that she had while going to and from the pet store.

When the 7th day came and it’s time to open the coin bank, Rosemarie was very excited to share that she was able to save a whopping amount P99,500.00.  Remember, she only saved this amount in just 7 days! Rosemarie posted this on her social media account which earned various comments from netizens with most of them admiring her for being wise in handling money.

Photo : Rosemarie Tan/Facebook

Meanwhile, some netizens said that she was only bragging on social media which she refuted saying her intention was only  to inspire the public to save for their future needs because she found saving an enjoyable and wise thing to do.

Photo : Rosemarie Tan/Facebook

It was learned that Rosemarie was also an online seller before she acquired her pet shop and her other businesses. She shared that she would buy items in Quiapo and Divisoria and would sell them online.

She claimed that selling online would give any one a good source of income provided one possesses perseverance and diligence in the selling industry.

Photo : Rosemarie Tan/Facebook

Rosamarie also claimed that the reason why she pushed herself to save up was the fact that she used to spend too much before on items which were not of value and importance or those that she doesn’t need at all.

And to prove that she has changed her ways in spending her hard-earned money, she disciplined herself until she was humbled by her accomplishments such as having an online shop at the age of 19, having her own pet shop at the age of 21, her own restaurant and a food cart business at the age of 23 and being able to buy her own house, too!

Photo: Rosemarie Tan/Facebook

The young entrepreneur stresses however that the money which she raised was not really her full income but it was intended to pay monthly utility bills including the employees’ salary of her businesses, 25 cats and a lot of pet dogs.   Rosemarie also emphasized that she was not urging everyone to save the same amount which she saved but rather, would like to impart the importance and joy of saving so that we will be prepared when the ‘rainy days’ come.

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