Vicki Belo Receives Flak for Claiming She Loves “Pretending to be Rich” While in Italy

After reportedly spending at least Php80 million on their dream wedding in Paris, newlyweds Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo are enjoying their honeymoon in top destinations in Europe, with their adorable daughter Scarlet Snow tagging along.

But the celebrity doctor received flak from netizens after she posted some photos and a video taken outside a villa in Italy because she claimed that she loves to “pretend to be rich”.

Photo credit: Instagram / @victoria_belo

In the video, Belo could be heard telling her social media followers, “You know what I love doing when I’m here? I love to pretend that I’m rich. I mean you can pretend for two days and you don’t have to spend for the upkeep…

While talking, she shows the beautiful view of the villa and its swimming pool.

While some netizens praised Belo for being humble despite being rich, the post didn’t sit well with many netizens who thought she was ‘humble bragging’. After all, she is really rich – no poor person could ever hold a dream wedding Paris, inviting some of the top celebrities from her country of origin, right?

Photo credit: Instagram / @victoria_belo

A number of those who personally know Belo tried to defend her from bashers, saying despite being really rich Belo has remained humble and was really just trying to imagine how life might have been if she were a rich owner of some villa in Italy but other netizens still thought it was insensitive of her to post about “pretending to be rich”, especially considering she comes from a country where there are so many poor people who can’t even buy a meal for a day.

Of course, it’s not Belo’s responsibility to feed these people but many netizens believe she shouldn’t have claimed she just “pretending to be rich” when she’s rich. Several netizens made a bitter joke about them being dirt poor because the very rich Belo is just pretending to be rich…

Watch this video:

It’s so much fun to pretend . Maybe someday it will come true . God willing !!!

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