UV Express Driver Earns Praise for Returning Php61,800, Another Passenger Also Returns Php8,000

Everyone knows that it’s easier to find a lost item if you dropped or left it inside a Grab or Uber ride because you have a record of the ride’s plate number and the driver’s phone number but if you lost those items in public transport options such as buses, jeeps, or FX rides such as UV Express, you should probably not expect to get your things back.

This week, the Raffy Tulfo in Action show featured two honest men who returned money they found in the respective UV express FX rides they were on!

Gabriel Panotes Jr. found a bag filled with money while driving the UV express FX with plate number AAN 9350. Inside the bag are various currencies such as 48 pieces of Php1,000 bills as well as foreign bills. In total, the bag had Php61,800 if all bills were converted to peso. He went to Tulfo’s show to ask help in finding the owner.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

The bag is owned by Yongkuk Kim who thanked Panotes for returning the items. For his honesty, Tulfo awarded Panotes with some money as well as several items from the show’s sponsors.

Meanwhile, UV Express passenger Samuel Bernaldez Jr. had also found a wallet with Php8,000 cash and an ATM card. Just like Panotes, Bernaldez also sent to Tulfo’s show to find the owner, especially because the wallet didn’t have an ID with a number he can call to reach the owner.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / Facebook

Marvin Pamplina, the wallet’s owner said he thought he could never get the wallet back especially because it didn’t have any number the finder could reach but he was so grateful he was able to get it that he gave Bernaldez a reward of Php2,000!

Just like Panotes, Bernaldez also received cash and various items from the show.

A lot of netizens praised Pamplina for sharing some of the money to Bernaldez but bashed Kim for not giving a single peso to Panotes even if his bag contained a much bigger amount of money.

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