This Pinoy Guy Makes Action Figures Using Discarded Slippers and Rubber Scraps

“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Such can be said about this creative Pinoy guy who used what was readily available to him to make action figures that look like the original!

Elmer Padilla is a construction worker who hails from Catbalogan, Samar but has migrated to Imus, Cavite to try his luck there. But such work is not exactly a high-paying job and he must still find other ways to make ends meet.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

Thankfully, Padilla is an artist who knows how to use things that are available to him. He does not have a lot of money to buy expensive art materials to create his craft but the artist in him is so talented that he can actually transform discarded slippers and rubber scraps into incredibly realistic action figures!

Check out his version of Deadpool – it definitely is spot on, right?

Photo credit: Elmer Padilla / Facebook

Padilla went viral after his story and photos were shared on social media by Adrian Soriano Bernabe who posted these on GUHIT Pinas, a public Facebook group for artists.

In his post, Bernabe said that he was just walking in the public market of Imus when he noticed there were a lot of people surrounding someone on the sidewalk. Curious as to what was happening, Bernabe went closer and saw Padilla making the action figures.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

If he had not seen with his own eyes how Padilla made the action figures from the discarded rubber scraps, Bernabe might not believe they were made from old slippers! Padilla is truly one talented artist.

Can you just imagine how his creations might look like if he had the opportunity to use expensive materials? What an amazing guy.

Photo credit: Adrian Soriano Bernabe‎ / GUHIT Pinas – Facebook

If you want to check out his crafts, Bernabe said he could be found outside the Imus public market, just beside the Imus IPM Clinic or you could always connect with him on his Facebook account, Elmer Padilla.

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