Student Accidentally Leaves Wallet in School, Receives Free Ride and Some Money from Old Jeepney Driver

Everyone knows how embarrassing it can be to have no money to pay for your fare inside the jeep or some other transport option. Many have resorted to just running away without paying, instead of facing the embarrassment of telling the driver they had no money at all.

Joseph Mejia, a student, left his flashdrive at home; he was in such a hurry to get it that he forgot to bring his wallet when he rode a jeep last September 22. Realizing he left his wallet in school and had no means of paying the driver, he first thought of escaping but soon felt pity on the old driver.

Photo credit: Joseph Mejia / Facebook

Swallowing his pride, Meija told the driver about his rather embarrassing situation and asked forgiveness that he couldn’t pay for the ride at the time. Understanding his situation, the old driver nodded his head.

Photo credit: Joseph Mejia / Facebook

A moment later, the old driver who drives DWN 983 on the UP Los Baños v/v Calamba City route gave him Php40. Since he was the old passenger of the jeep at the time, he was puzzled and only looked at the money.

The driver told him to accept it, saying he should just add this to his allowance but he refused to accept the money. He was already riding home for free; he couldn’t accept the money now.

But the old driver insisted that he take the money or he would throw it outside the window. When he saw that the old man seemed serious, he reluctantly accepted the offer and thanked him.

Photo credit: Joseph Mejia / Facebook

He felt rather ashamed over what had happened but Mejia decided to post his story on social media, not only to thank the old driver for his kindness but to also advise other netizens to be honest and not try to escape from paying fare to public transport drivers who make a living by working the entire day.

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