Single Mom OFW Reaps Reward of Hard Work Through Daughter’s Success in Passing CPA Board Exam

An OFW feels relieved after all her hard work have paid off when her youngest daughter passed the recent CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Board Examination.  It was among her wishes which came true amidst the sacrifices that she had to endure while working in a foreign land just to provide a better life for her family.

Juvy Fortunato, a 48-year-old overseas Filipino worker who hails from Pangasinan, has been working in Hong Kong for 16 years. She was separated from her husband for 12 years and solely raised her two children while working abroad.

Photo : Nimfa Fortunato Abad/Facebook

Recently, her youngest daughter, Nimfa had been included among the successful examinees of the CPA licensure exam.  She proudly shared that Nimfa took the exam for the very first time.

According to Juvy, she felt so blessed of Nimfa’s accomplishment which meant so much to her as her eldest daughter was unable to finish schooling after leaving their home to live with her boyfriend 5 months after Juvy got separated from their father.

With Nimfa’s success, she claimed that her youngest daughter didn’t fail her.

Photo : Nimfa Fortunato Abad/Facebook

The OFW also expressed how grateful she was for her employer and co-workers in Hong Kong who were so helpful and supportive of her when she’s experiencing financial difficulties. She said that they’ve been a big part of what her daughter has presently achieved.

It was learned, however, that another blessing came for Juvy and her daughter Nimfa when they were able to afford a land as an investment and planned on building their dream house where they can live very soon.

As of this writing, Juvy is still working as an OFW while Nimfa is working in an accounting firm in Intramuros.  Both were determined to pursue bigger dreams because they believed that their achievements were just the start of turning their many dreams into reality.

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