Sharon Cuneta Offers to Buy All His Goods and Send this Adorable Vegetable Vendor to School after Photo Goes Viral

Going viral on social media has been a blessing to several people, including a number of homeless kids who received help so they can have a better life as well as various personalities who were given a break on showbiz after becoming a popular hit on social media.

Recently, a photo of an adorable boy selling vegetables on the sidewalk has gone viral because people just couldn’t resist his cute pose. It seems that this cute kid got so tired waiting for customers to come that he fell asleep.

The identity of the kid and his location are still unknown but many could not help but share the photo, hoping he would go viral and find much-needed help – such as getting more customers to buy his goods or even provide him with extra cash so he does not have to sell vegetables every single day just so he could help his family and send himself to school.

@fannytfserrano TF, nasaan ang batang ito?!!! Gusto ko bilhin lahat ng tinda niya araw-araw tapos iba magtitinda dahil mag-aaral na siya!!! Waaahhh!!!

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But it seems that the netizens’ plan worked! Megastar Sharon Cuneta recently re-posted the cute boy’s photo on her Instagram account, promising to buy this child’s goods every day and hinting that she’s going to send him to school! Isn’t that amazing?

While it is sad that kids like him have to work so they could help their families have food on the table and send themselves to school, it’s great that social media gives people like this him a chance at a better life…

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