Rude Customer Shouts at Old Man in Busy LBC Outlet while Staff Grumbles about Many Customers

“Patience is a virtue.”

A rude customer at an LBC outlet had recently gone viral after shouting at an old man who was also a customer of the outlet but netizens couldn’t help but comment on the staff who complained that there were many customers.

According to Deborah Guzman, she was among the customers of LBC branch Porta Vaga Mall in Baguio City yesterday. While there were a lot of customers in the outlet that day, the service also seemed to be ‘too slow’ and that the other customers were already complaining.

Photo credit: Deborah Guzman / Facebook

But the woman at the counter was also having a really bad day. She could be heard repeatedly complaining that there were a lot of customers to serve – something that is a big ‘no-no’ in service-oriented companies like LBC.

An old man who had been there before Guzman went to the counter to request if he could be prioritized as he’s a senior citizen but the woman at the counter angrily told him he should have told her about it earlier.

When he couldn’t produce a senior citizen ID, however, he was told to wait in line just like the others. The old man was later identified to be Ricardo Gomez.

As he continued to assert his right as a senior citizen, another customer rudely told him to stop complaining and sit down just like the other customers who are patiently waiting. This customer, identified as Paul Gabuya, rudely shouted at the old man and even made actions as if egging the senior citizen to fight with him.

Photo credit: Deborah Guzman / Facebook

The old man slumped in defeat and said he would not continue with his transaction but the Gabuya insulted him some more, shouting gibberish about “begets, begets… respect gets begets…”; we’re sure he meant “respect begets respect”, something that could also be said about his actions.

After the video went viral, gaining over 8.75 million views on Facebook a day after it was posted, Gomez and Gabuya met again. This time, Gabuya was not angry and apologized to the old man who readily accepted the apology.

Photo credit: Handout / ABS-CBN News

Netizens weren’t happy about it, though, saying the old man does not deserve the kind of treatment he received not just from Gabuya but from the LBC staff.

Photo credit: Deborah Guzman / Facebook

Watch this video and tell us what you think:

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