Pinay Meets Accident with Employer, Gets Stuck in Saudi after Agency Asks Php164k for Her Replacement

It is sad that there are many overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who are stuck in dire predicament in the countries they are working in, not just because of abusive employers but also due to bad agencies.

Facebook page Headlines SA PINAS. shares the sad plight of Rahima Makinay Panda who hails from Cotabato City, southern Philippines.

In the post, it was revealed that Rahima met an accident while with her employer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Their vehicle crashed last June 26 and Rahima got injured, with a bone in her right leg broken from the impact.

Photo credit: Headlines SA PINAS. / Facebook

A piece of stainless steel had to be inserted to her leg. The surgery was performed last July 13.

After the accident, Rahima’s employers still want her to work, telling her she must still serve them because they spent a lot of money on her but when the OFW refused, asking instead to be allowed to go home to recuperate from her injuries, they barred her from leaving.

Photo credit: Headlines SA PINAS. / Facebook

According to her employers, they had spent 25,000 Saudi riyals (Php340,700) on her; thus, she still has a long way to go to repay them for that amount. They did not consider the fact that it was them who caused this OFW’s predicament when they got into an accident.

Aside from not getting any salary, Rahima doesn’t receive food from her employers as well.

Thankfully, another OFW took pity on her plight and shares her food but because this other woman had to go back to the Philippines this month because her contract has ended, Rahima fears for her life as she does not know where she could get food and there would be no one to help her out.

Photo credit: Headlines SA PINAS. / Facebook

She asked help from her agency but although her employer later agreed to let her go, the employer said they were being charged 12,000 Saudi riyal (Php163,700) by the agency for her replacement – and they refused to pay the amount because they’ve spent money on her already.

When Rahima tried to insist, saying she’s sick after all, the employer told her to let her parents pay the amount to the agency so she can be released. What a sad plight she’s in!

Feeling helpless, Rahima posted the plea on Facebook in hopes that someone could help bring it to Raffy Tulfo or some other person who can help solve her problem…

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