OFW Returns ‘Home Sweet Home’ after Waking Up from 9 Months in Coma State

After 9 months of being comatose, finally, Perlie Almonte, an OFW based in Dubai working as supervisor at DHL was back in the Philippines and was reunited with her family.

It was on April 28, 2015 when Almonte has been brought to Rashid Hospital after she was found unconscious inside the bathroom of her house. Doctors said she has suffered intracebral hemorrhage which affected her brain and put her in state of coma.

According to Dubai Health Authority, Almonte only gained her consciousness in January 2016.  Since then she has been under physiotherapy sessions in the hospital.  And after successful therapy, she gradually regained her strength until she was allowed to be discharged from the hospital and prepare for her most-awaited moment, to be ‘home sweet home’ .

In an interview with Gulf News, she said, “I am so excited to go home. The first thing I’d love to do is hug my two kids.

Apparently, she only types her answers on her mobile phone or either nods her head because she was unable to speak due to tracheostomy procedure, where doctors inserted a tube into her windpipe to open the restricted airway to enable her breathing.

Photo : The Filipino Times

On Sunday, after 2 years of being confined in the hospital, the OFW was back to the country. Her mother was thankful to her employer who shouldered Almonte’s travel expenses apart from all the medical expenses she incurred while in the hospital which DHL paid as well.

Through Facebook, Almonte expressed her gratitude for all the staff at Rashid Hospital who tirelessly extended their medical assistance to her.

“You have been my therapists, supporters, friends, family, well-wishers and angels in disguise. Medicines can cure, a good doctor’s and nurse’s inspirational words can give the strength to fight from within,” Almonte said.

Meanwhile, Almonte will be continuing her rehabilitation at Laguna Doctors Hospital in Sta. Cruz, Laguna with hopes and fervent prayers as she looks forward to her full recovery.

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