OFW Accuses PAL of Stealing Luggage Contents, But Airline Releases CCTV Footage to Clear its Name

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) aboard Philippine Airlines (PAL) flight PR353 from Macau to Manila accused the airline of stealing the contents of his luggage and for not handling his complaint properly but PAL would later refute his claims, releasing CCTV footage to reveal the truth.

The OFW was identified as Arnulfo Aguilar whose brother, TV5 director and segment producer Amado Neri Aguilar III, posted photos and videos about the alleged theft.

Aguilar tagged several media outlets, blogs, and popular personalities on his post.

Photo credit: Amado Neri Aguilar III / Facebook

According to the OFW, his bag was heavily damaged, with all is contents lost by the airline. He also alleged that after complaining about it at the airport, he was passed from one person to another so that he got frustrated; thus, he chose to just leave the problem behind to meet his family.

Photo credit: Amado Neri Aguilar III / Facebook

His younger brother would later praise him for not being stressed about the issue, saying his elder brother even made jokes and had fun while they had dinner even if he lost two pairs of Stan Smith shoes and other pasalubong items.

The OFW said he had no plans on pressing charges as he would let karma exact his revenge.

As expected, the post went viral on social media where a lot of people slammed the country’s flagship carrier for stealing from a hardworking OFW.

In a bid to clear its name and to also help the OFW, PAL immediately launched an investigation on the matter – and would soon release the CCTV footage to reveal the truth.

Photo credit: Amado Neri Aguilar III / Facebook

Footage taken from the several cameras in the airport clearly showed Aguilar’s red bag being transported on the conveyor belt. The red bag was already torn and breaking apart but the contents didn’t show shoes and pasalubong items but another bag, a blue bag which was later seen among the luggage he took with him outside the airport.

The OFW was seen picking up the red bag and inspecting the contents of the blue bag inside but didn’t appear angry or agitated that something was lost. After taking all his luggage, the went outside to meet with his family – and nothing on the CCTV footage showed him asking the ground crew or complaining to anyone else about his supposed lost luggage.

Photo credit: Amado Neri Aguilar III / Facebook

The airline also posted his check-in baggage ticket which clearly showed he had checked in only three bags – if the red bag was checked in separately, then he would have four bags and not three as shown on the receipt.

PAL told the family to take down the post but as of press time, it is still up. The airline has consulted its lawyers on what actions to take against the brothers.

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