Netizens Slam Woman Who Fought with Ambulance Driver Bringing 50-50 Child to Hospital

She readily admitted that she’s a single mom looking out for the welfare of her children but one woman earned the ire of netizens after she fought with an ambulance driver who was bringing a 50-50 child to the hospital.

The woman made waves on social media after she was caught on video as she confronted the driver.

After confirming that he was the driver she had encountered earlier, the woman launched into her tirade, berating the driver for angrily shouting and pointing at her while he was making a turn towards the hospital.

Photo credit: Mario Tecson Padilla Jr. – Trending Newsfeed Info / Facebook

The driver defended himself, telling the woman that she should have let him pass and not try to overtake because he was driving an ambulance and was already taking a turn towards the hospital but the woman pointed out he was not using his siren and she had not noticed his lights were on.

She received a patient lecture from the driver that ambulance drivers turn off the siren when they are already near the hospital and that she should let emergency vehicles through. The driver quizzed her knowledge of traffic rules, asking whether she knew before receiving her license which vehicles have the right of way when it comes to emergencies.

Photo credit: Mario Tecson Padilla Jr. – Trending Newsfeed Info / Facebook

But the woman kept insisting that she felt insulted that he had angrily pointed at her, saying he sounds patient not but he was clearly outraged at their earlier encounter. To this, the driver pointed out that anyone would have been angry if they were in his situation wherein the child in the vehicle was dying!

He even asked whether she would also react in the same manner if the child had been hers but she only reasoned out that she’s a single mom who looks after the welfare of her kids.

Photo credit: Mario Tecson Padilla Jr. – Trending Newsfeed Info / Facebook

The woman threatened to report him to the hospital management – and the driver readily urged her to do so, knowing full well that he had not done anything wrong. As for her accusation that he was angry at her, anyone else in the same situation would have been angry as well, right?

Check out this video and tell us what you think:

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