Netizens Slam Salon Client Who Refused to Pay Haircut After Pretending She’s Unsatisfied But Actually Intended Not To Pay For It

A post shared on social media by Day by Day Music Production had brought anger to netizens after they saw a woman who went to the salon to have an haircut then strongly refused to pay for it.  She engaged in an argument with salon staff who did her hair expressing her discontentment with the outcome of the haircut.

It was then learned that it was not exactly that she did not like it, but it was her way to mislead the salon so she will not be required to pay for the acquired service which was part of her “modus operandi”.

Photo : Day by Day Music Production

The salon staff explained that she only removed a few inches from the woman’s hair but the woman still insisted that it’s not the kind of haircut that she liked.  The video showed that the woman continued complaining while the staff was making herself clear but until the video ended, the woman was not seen paying for her haircut.

Photo : Day by Day Music Production

According to the post, the woman has been used to acting like she was losing her temper as her way of getting services for free, including Las Piñas Doctors Hospital, Perpetual Las Piñas, and San Juan de Dios Hospital.  The post did not specify what services the woman availed from the hospitals but her act surely made her way not to pay for her bills.

The woman has been identified as Monina Velasco and was said to be mentally unstable. One netizen commented on the post  that Velasco had been previously jailed at PNP Pasay for refusing to submit her things for inspection to MRT  guards.

Velasco made a scene at the station and even linked herself to famous personalities to establish her influence.  Nonetheless, people were able to sense that something was wrong with her.

Photo : Day by Day Music Production

One salon staff who happened to be absent during the time that Velasco was in the salon also commented and claimed that Velasco was just lucky that she wasn’t there, otherwise, she will require her to pay for the salon service and will not tolerate Velasco’s behavior.

Photo : Day by Day Music Production

Velasco may have thought of this tactic as effective because there are salons who do not require customers to pay for services when they are not satisfied.  However, there are some salons who might not entertain her technique for they are confident with the abilities of their staff because they were provided with proper training to master their craft.

How do you think the salon should handle customers like Velasco?

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